Sunday, 20 May 2012

My son has been out most of the day with a friend. My daughter has been entertaining Hugo, the class bear, and reluctantly writing about her weekend activities with him . We've baked cakes and made playdoh spaghetti. I have cleaned in the kitchen drawers and rearranged them and made a powerpoint presentation to make up for the lack of photo's of Hugo. I have arranged to be refunded for a useless item bought on ebay but I haven't tidied any clothes yet. It's such a big job, it's top of the list for tomorrow. For some reason, I am watching the railway children, well it's on in the background. My daughter isn't interested in it, I think she should be, but I can't force her to look at it. The weather forecast is heartening, I think I saw 27 degrees for the end of the week. That can't be right?
I've had a deep and meaningful text conversation with my husband. That can't be right either. He's working which is usual for a Sunday, so that means communication has to be via SMS. Better to communicate like that I suppose, than not to communicate at all! It's hard to always be on the same wavelength with your partner. We generally get on really well, and we love each other dearly, but sometimes our wheels find different grooves. They run parallel rather than together, and it takes a bit of a shoggle to get them back in the same track. Relationships are much harder work than I ever imagined. Communication is always the key. Realising that people can actually see things completely differently to me is easy to forget, as well as remembering that no one is a mind reader! I also am beginning to realise that whilst people develop and grow, they don't change, not fundamentally. I don't think there are any couples out there that can say they are never out of sync with each other. Whenever I see couples that never have disputes or differences of opinion, then there is usually one person who is suppressing their views and feelings, and sacrificing themselves for the sake of their partner. What are the secrets of a long lasting and happy relationship? Of course you have to have love, but you have to have so much more too.

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