Friday, 4 May 2012

I am so elated to have some comments, and they are great comments too. I shall respond with the curry recipe soon. The weekend is upon us again. I hope you all have a nice one. We are potentially entertaining again, although we are having trouble getting hold of our guests to confirm, which is playing havoc with my schedule. I don't know if they are coming tonight or tomorrow so I could potentially have to clean the entire house and cook up a three course Italian meal any second. The school phoned and my daughter is home again. Her nose is streaming and her tummy feels rumbly. Poor thing, although she seems OK to me.
There is a Fossil Festival this weekend in Lyme Regis. I have never been before, but it looks like it might be worth a go. The kids love fossils and the last time we went serious fossil hunting was at Charmouth last year. My son fell in quicksand up to his middle and my husband, who was not suitably dressed and was wearing his new best boots and jacket, had to pull him out! He lost a welly and had to walk back 1/2 mile to the car in one welly and one sock in the tailwind of my cursing husband. If my son had not been so upset I would have been hysterically laughing, not at him but at my husband. Instead I had to hold it in until later, for fear of upsetting my poor son some more, and inflaming the situation further.
I'd like to get down to the beach today if I can. There is much talk of the beach being awash with starfish which has never been seen before. The storms must have stirred things up. I'd like to see it but at the same time it is quite sad really. All those dead bodies marooned.
Husband is off today and following a trip to Homebase, we have less hazardous holes in the kitchen floor which is good; at least my chair can't fall down them again if we are entertaining over the weekend. He is now on the roof investigating the leaks that became excruciatingly apparent during the the recent rain. He has watched various you tube tutorials about how to install lead flashing, and is now up there banging away having bought a completely different repair method that will hopefully be a cinch compared to the lead. The big problem is that we have a slate roof, and you absolutely CANNOT walk on it. I am expecting to see his leg appear before me at any moment.
I think I shall start to prepare my Puttanesca sauce now, then it can be ready today or tomorrow. I could happily just light the fire instead and have forty winks. No, that would be bad considering he is on the roof slaving away!

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