Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Lighting the fire is a sure way to get the sun to come out it seems. Now the oven is on as well and it is sweltering in here. I'm cooking salmon (for three of us, daughter is having fish fingers), in baking sheet parcels, with couscous and coriander, (coriander only in two, as son won't like it!) Then there is oven roasted sweet potatoes with sweet red peppers, cherry tomatoes and spring onions, kids won't eat any of that (big sigh), and fine green beans, we ALL eat those thank goodness!
Today at school was challenging, there was a supply teacher who had been left blank sheets for the class to work on in pairs, filling in information about different countries that they have all chosen previously. The sheets didn't have the titles on, ie they weren't labelled with headings like, population, continent, currency etc so the poor supply teacher had a right job trying to get them all started. Then in numeracy we were using a 'bee bot' to try and programme directional instructions for it to draw shapes. Bee bot's are little moving toys in the shape of a bee, that have buttons on the top to send it in different directions. They only really go backwards and forwards, but they rotate left and right at 90 degree angles. The explaining was hard, but the children could easily programme the bots to trace a square or an L shape or even a T shape. They could even do it all in one go, then set the bot off to complete the shape. It was much harder getting them to plot the directions in point form on a white board.
My daughter said she felt sick and had a sore tummy, so she had to come home with me after her lunch. She has made quite a miraculous recovery this afternoon, although she does have diarrhea (I can never spell that!)
I feel that progress is being made. We now have the dates from hubby's work, even though the flights on those dates have gone up in price now by £200. We have someone to look after the dogs, and it won't cost a fortune. We have found out that it will only cost £70 to park at Bristol airport for 18 days which is cheaper than return tickets for us all on the train,so that's brilliant. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together.
A lovely lady that we know in France, who is a retired special needs teacher, is going to do daily phonics lessons with my son when we get there, which is absolutely fantastic. She is also going to collect the key from the agents, as she is in France at the moment, and she will read the electric meter, and give the reading to the electricity board so they don't send our estimated bill to the debt collectors. Hurrah!
There is light at the end of the tunnel. Fingers crossed now that the passports come back in time.

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