Sunday, 24 June 2012

One visitor departed on the train, the other two en route to arrive. It's all go here! Just feeding the troops before I get cracking. Got to change beds and tidy up. Don't even know where to start. It looks like we've been burgled. Good job in this instance that my Mum is blind, although she is likely to break her neck tripping over stuff if I don't get this place a bit ship shape.
Jut burnt the roof of my mouth on  jacket spud, it's really throbbing. My son is permanently on the sofa with a controller in his hands, even more so since his auntie treated him to a new game. I keep asking him to help tidy up, but the children need step by step instructions when it comes to tidying up. You have to say 'pick that pen up and put it in the pen drawer' etc or it ends up in the lego. Seeing as I'm in a hurry, it's just easier and quicker to do it myself! I've sat down to write this, it was a fatal move. I could quite easily snuggle up and have a doze. No, I must prize my backside off the sofa........

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