Sunday, 10 June 2012

Daughters second tooth came out yesterday, so the fairies have been with us again. She wrote them a note this time and got one back. She says the note and fairy dust are way more exciting than the pound. Shame there was no fairy dust in Hertfordshire for my sons tooth, I think it's because they only need fairy dust, if you wake up and see them. The dust is magic and makes you forget that you saw them.
Pants weather. Sitting in my dressing gown listening to Cerys Matthews on Six Music, and browsing ebay is the perfect Sunday morning. Except my husband is at work and son is at camp. My little girl has watched the Julia Roberts Snow White film three times this weekend, she has watched it this morning, but is now playing schools in the play room. She is practicing a joined up Y.
 We watched Mike Leigh's Naked last night. It started off quite good, but went on and on and on, and the characters were all quite horrible. I am looking forward to seeing Ill Manners, or whatever the plan B film is called. I heard a review on radio 1 whilst stuck in traffic on the M25, and it sounds really intense but well worth a look.
We went to the garden centre yesterday and bought some new plants for our little garden. I love our little garden. We planted up two new hanging baskets and got some everlasting sweet peas that will come back every year. I love sweet peas, they are so pretty. We got another foxglove, neither have flowered yet but it's practically the only thing the snails and slugs won't eat, on account of it being poisonous. I do love them too. They remind me of Beatrix Potter books, if I remember correctly, they feature in lots of the illustrations. We saw a gardening programme that showed us how to take cuttings, so we got a couple of spare pots and we are going to give it a go. It's a definite sign that I am getting on a bit!
Think it's time I got dressed, there are lots of jobs to do as usual, and tomorrow I am looking forward to seeing my Dad's girlfriend from my childhood. They are no longer together and she will be visiting with her new boyfriend. She is lovely, she taught me to horse ride and we had lots of fun and laughs together. She visited us a few years ago in France but she didn't meet my son or husband because they were both away at the time. I think son was on a school holiday and husband was in the UK looking for houses to rent and places to live. Anyway, I hope it doesn't rain all day when they come.

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