Sunday, 5 January 2014

Will we make it on time and in one piece?

After 2 weeks of waking up at the usual time but going back to sleep for 3 hours, and the kids staying asleep until 9.30 (Flo) 11.45 (Joe) the first day back at school and work for all of us is going to be a challenge. Flo has already come down twice tonight because she can't sleep. David Walliams has had her in tears coz his book about scary dentists is just too frightening! I don't want to be a working Mum at times like these. Her tummy pains are back, (she hasn't mentioned them for 2 weeks so that's pretty conclusive. Roll on 6 weeks when I'll be working one day a week. I've done 19 hours of assessment and planning this weekend. If you add that to the time I spend in school over and above the statutory 5.5 hours each day I spend at school then I probably earn around £4 an hour! 
Anyway, rant over. Flo's party today at Pecorama was brill. Her friends are all so lovely and she enjoyed it very much. The cake that my friend made was amazing x

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