Monday, 25 February 2013

Back to school for all of us today. Flo was sick last night at around 1am, all in the bed. Lovely! The joys of parenthood. Poor thing though, not a nice experience for anyone. She was fine this morning thankfully, so off she went. It was all a bit chaotic but I managed to get everything ready, only for the rest of them to leave after me and forget most things! Such is life.
My school day was fun. Thank heavens I'm not just teaching maths by itself anymore. I love teaching maths, but I like a bit of variety too.
Today I taught phonics to reception children. My three weeks worth of plans were a little ambitious ha ha! I'll be lucky to get past week 1 in the three weeks left. It's difficult to pitch a first lesson when you haven't observed the group previously though and I wasn't that far off the mark. I did describe it like trying to keep thousands of ants in a box which I shall hopefully address tomorrow with some more active learning.
The spelling research has started off well. I'm just going to look at planning for progress/next steps in writing at word level. This week i'll do some general research accross all three year groups. The I'll see who looks interesting and pursue 2-3 children in the following 2 weeks in more detail. I've never done research before so I need to read that book! How to do your research project (and finish it lol). Anyway, I've made some headway tonight but not enough (as usual). I'm prepared for phonics tomorrow which is the main thing. It's freezing and the heating has gone off so I need to head for my snuggly bed.

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